Against the Odds: Five Inspiring Stories of IVF Success to Help You Keep the Faith When The Journey Gets Tough 

Against the Odds: Five Inspiring Stories of IVF Success to Help You Keep the Faith When The Journey Gets Tough 

At CryoStork, we help thousands of eager IVF parents safely transport their gametes and embryos around the world — yes, even during a global pandemicWe hear a lot of stories from parents on their IVF journey, and we recently asked them to share some of their stories of struggle and triumph. Here’s what they told us, including their hard-earned advice.  

Welcome the Unexpected Surprises – And Solutions 

IVF and our journey to baby was really hard. We went through three rounds of IVF and ended up having to opt for donated embryos. We met an amazing couple in New York and they donated five embryos for us to use. We used CryoStork to transport those snowflake babies to Chicago. So far one has become our beautiful son. I continue to share my story to hopefully inspire others. I know other women’s stories help keep me going! 

-Mary U. 

Know You’re Not Alone 

I was very open with people about going down assisted reproductive avenues and the feedback was overwhelmingly positive. It was so helpful to know that infertility is common and I feel like it has really come a long way over the past few decades — it’s not a taboo topic anymore. I found a lot of inspiration and strength by reading the stories of othersKnowing that I wasn’t alone in this incredibly difficult journey was very helpful.  

In the end, 10 years after our fertility journey started, we have two beautiful children. And it’s very true what they sayall the stress, struggles, daily injections, ultrasounds, blood work appointments, etc. are worth it. I don’t even remember those now. 

-Sheilagh C. 

Realize “Everyone’s on the Same Team” 

My first round of IVF with donor eggs was amazing and successful — I ended up with twins, a boy and a girl. Years later I moved to another state and wanted to repeat the process with my remaining embryos. CryoStork shipped my eggs from one IVF facility to the other and all went smoothly in the transport. On procedure day, I learned that the technician that was putting the embryos in was the very same that took them out in my other state. This amazing coincidence gave me faith that everything happens for a reason, and that there are bigger powers at work. It also made me realize that there is a community within the people and places that experience IVF. We often feel so alone, yet we aren’t. Everyone is on the same team, from doctors to patients, to the companies that transport our most precious cargo for us. 

-Carline F. 

Fight the Good Fight 

At 23 years old, my husband was diagnosed with leukemia and underwent a stem cell transplant. Due to his treatment, we had to go through IVF to have our own kids. The IVF process was difficult. It was lonely, painful, and stressful. I was constantly afraid that I would hurt my unborn child if I missed an injection or administered it incorrectly. But I wanted to fight for our family the way that my husband did. And by the grace of God, we are pregnant with our first child. Thank you to CryoStork for the part you played in our family’s growth! 

-Heather C. 

Trust the Experts 

Due to the pandemic, I was dreading planning the big step of moving our embryos from St. Louis to North Carolina. Everything with IVF thus far had been hard to coordinate, taken time, money and all the strength I had in me daily. Both clinics told me not to worry and both suggested CryoStork separately. I called CryoStork filled out some forms made a couple of calls. Within a week the embryos were delivered. I was so shocked to see how easy this process was – they did all the coordinating, kept both my husband up to date and confirmed once the process was complete. We were so pleased, and I can never forget looking at my husband and we said at the same time: “Our babies are finally here. 

-Mani N. 


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