4 Assets that Support International Reproductive Material Shipping

According to the Reproductive BioMedical Journal, over 2.5 million cycles of IVF are performed globally each year, many of which are performed for intended parents who are traveling out of their own country for the service. Fertility tourism is the rising trend of traveling to a different country for reproductive health treatments. Many intended parents … Continued

Condition Monitoring Q&A with Jackie Frost, Associate Director of Reproductive Medicine

Cryoport Systems’ intelligent logistics solution is the foundation of our industry-leading supply chain services. Our Smartpak® condition monitoring system provides near real-time information about a shipment’s condition throughout its entire journey. For clinics and intended parents, that means the shipped reproductive materials are constantly being monitored to ensure the integrity of these materials remains intact.   To understand how … Continued

Our Process, Your Materials: Preparing Our Shippers for Usage


Clean and validated cryogenic packing is essential to compliantly ship reproductive material. But how can you be sure that your logistics provider understands the importance of cleanliness in their standardized shipping practices? Without preparing the packaging for transit with the proper cleaning protocols and industry-compliant solutions, your reproductive materials could be put at risk.  Cryoport … Continued

Revealing the Facts About Freezing Reproductive Material with Cryoport Systems


The advancements in reproductive medicine have revolutionized fertility practices and provided hope and new possibilities for intended parents seeking to conceive. Additional technologies in cryopreservation have opened the door to transporting reproductive material around the world, allowing for fertility procedures to take place almost anywhere. However, several myths and misconceptions surrounding the use and storage … Continued

Clinic Protocols for Receiving Reproductive Materials


Cryoport Systems has the proper solutions and procedures in place to ensure shipping compliance of your reproductive materials to clinics around the world. However, what happens once your materials reach their destination can seem highly varied from clinic to clinic. But no matter if the receiving clinic is located domestically or abroad, there are steps … Continued

International Embryo Shipping Q&A with Cryoport Systems


Cryoport Systems collaborated with one of the leading fertility support forums, The Ribbon Box (formerly known as Fertility Help Hub), to answer some of the most frequently asked questions regarding shipping reproductive materials internationally. Our expertise in mitigating risk and handling the necessary documentation for complicated international shipping provides intended parents the peace of mind that their … Continued

Shipping Frozen Embryos Internationally? Here’s Where To Start.


Cryoport Systems collaborated with one of the leading Fertility Support Forums, The Ribbon Box (formerly known as Fertility Help Hub), to share with their community the process of safely shipping reproductive materials internationally. While this may not be a step that every Intended Parent encounters during their fertility journey, it’s certainly a process that has a lot … Continued

Mental Health Awareness Month: Supporting Intended Parents


Intended parents often encounter stressful and uncertain circumstances when embarking on their fertility journey. As May is Mental Health Awareness month, it’s vital for clinics to understand the strain this journey can put on their patients and their families. When clinics support their patients with specific mental health services, it can drastically improve their patients’ … Continued

Success Story: Journey to Parenthood with the Boyles


Cryoport Systems works with intended parents around the world to help them with their fertility journey. Our specialty as a provider of cryogenic shipping solutions for temperature-controlled materials allows us to provide a value to our clients that doesn’t end once we deliver their reproductive materials.  Ashlee and Bethany Boyle from Enfield, Connecticut began their fertility … Continued

What You Need to Know About Shipping Your Reproductive Materials


Every IVF Journey comes with their own unique challenges. If at some point in the process the reproductive materials need to be moved to a new clinic, it’s imperative to trust that your clinics will not only handle your materials appropriately but also that your materials are receiving the highest level of attention throughout the … Continued

What our clients are saying

“Thanks for making our shipment happen on short notice and for making this a stress free and easy transaction.”

- Shirley B.

“I’m just so thankful for your service and grateful for what you guys do. Without your service I would not be able to pursue my dream of having another child. Thank you so much to Eduard and his crew!”

- Nancy P.

“I have been working with Cryoport for a few years now and have nothing but good to say. I refer all my patients here when they are looking for tank rental/logistic solutions.”

- Michael V.

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- Janet L.

“I am an embryologist who is responsible for embryo shipping and I am so glad that Cryoport takes the stress out of it.”

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