Ask the Expert: Embryo Adoption

Maria Lancaster, President and Co-Founder of Embryo Adoption Services of Cedar Park

Maria Lancaster is the President and Co-Founder of Embryo Adoption Services of Cedar Park, a clinic she has run for over a decade. Below, she explains the frozen embryo adoption process, cost, and the benefits of using Cryoport’s CryoStork services.

About how many embryo adoptions do you help facilitate each year?   

In the first 10 years, we had just over 100 babies born. So far in 2019, we have 26 born or on the way. We think more awareness about embryo adoption and upgrading our website has helped more families find us.   

What are some reasons couples decide to pursue embryo adoption?   

Infertility is the main reason people seek us out. IVF cost is another reason–embryo adoption is very affordable!  

How do you connect prospective parents with available embryos?   

We do a matching process to meet the needs of both the adoption and donor families—that’s a very important part of our philosophy. We are a national organization, and we move embryos to the adopting family clinic when necessary. We do some international cases as well. We have matched some families that desire an open adoption and live near each other.   

How has your business benefited from CryoStork’s services?   

Most of the time, we need to move the embryos, and they must be moved in the safest way possible. We rely on Cryoport’s CryoStork services to move these precious embryos for our hopeful families. Without being able to ship them long distances, it would limit the matching options we would have. We have used the company’s services for over 10 years.  

Would you recommend Cryoport’s CryoStork services? 

There are a limited number of companies set up with tanks with temperature recorders and that also specialize in the specific shipping of embryos. Temperature recorders are proof that nothing went wrong during the trip, which is so vital to have. In case an issue with implantation occurs, we can be confident it had nothing to do with the treatment of the embryos while en route.  

Avoiding problems with shipping is paramount, due to the precious lives onboard and the hopes and dreams of the donating and adopting families. We rely on Cryoport’s CryoStork services to make these dreams come to life, so these children can be born into a loving home. 

CryoStork offers full-service, safe, science-backed shipping with 24/7 data monitoring as well as insurance options. Learn why CryoStork is the best service for your IVF transport needs.

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