Frequently Asked Questions: What You Need to Know About Transporting Frozen Embryos, Sperm, and IVF Samples Safely & Securely with CryoStork  

If you’re moving your IVF samples to a new clinic, CryoStork provides comprehensive door-to-door transportation services. Whether you’re moving across the city, to a new state, or overseas, we coordinate with your clinics and provide 24/7 monitoring to ensure your samples arrive safely. We use a specialized shipping tank, called a dry shipper, to maintain the correct temperature. Our SmartPak II device is attached to the shipper, and it monitors the shipment location and condition in real time. 

What IVF transport services does CryoStork provide?  

  • The lease of a Cryoport dry shipper, to keep your samples cryogenically frozen throughout the transport; 
  • Transportation costs to move the dry shipper from Cryoport, between your two clinics, then back to us; 
  • Continuous monitoring by our 24-hour logistics team and our SmartPak II condition monitoring device; 
  • Optional insurance coverage to add a financial safety net to your samples during transit; 
  • Coordination between your two clinics to determine the quickest and safest schedule for the transfer. 

Learn more about the science, logistics, and customer support supporting our services. 

What is a dry shipper?  

A dry shipper is a specialized shipping tank that is pre-treated with liquid nitrogen. It is rigorously tested before each use, to ensure its ability to keep your samples safely frozen for up to 10 days. 

What happens if something goes wrong during shipment?  

Our 24-hour logistics team monitors shipments in transit and are immediately alerted to any potential issues. These alerts are addressed in real time with our couriers to avoid delays and other events that could affect the shipment. Cryoport will update you and both clinics with any changes to the shipping schedule or issues with the overall shipment. 

Can I transport these materials myself or ship the equipment to my home? 

For safety reasons, and to maintain the integrity of our equipment, only professional laboratory staff and couriers are authorized to handle the equipment.  

Is insurance an option?  

Cryoport is now offering transportation insurance for your samples. We understand that for expectant parents, this provides “peace of mind” and a financial safety net during transit. Learn more about insurance.  

 How do I get started?  

Contact us at or request a quote today. We’re happy to work out the details with you. 


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