Insurance Options Now Available for Transporting Reproductive Material

Insurance Options Now Available for Transporting Reproductive Material

Earlier this year, two fertility clinics experienced liquid nitrogen tank failures and thousands of eggs and embryos were compromised. These incidents highlight the risks associated with the storage and cryogenic transportation of human reproductive materials including embryos, eggs and sperm. New legislation is currently being worked on by State Senator Joe Schiavoni and recommendations include storing patient embryos, oocytes and sperm in multiple locations and making sure personnel monitor storage tanks 24 hours-a-day.

To support mitigating risk of future tank failures, Cryoport recently hosted a webinar on regulatory risk concerns for the storage and transportation of frozen reproductive material. The educational discussion was led by world renowned Reproductive Medicine industry experts from California Cryobank, The World Egg Bank, Ovation Fertility and the Institute for Reproductive Health. Topics included equipment redundancy and escalation processes related to deviation notifications, SOPs as well as legal safeguards.

In addition, Cryoport is now also offering intended parents the ability to insure their embryos, oocytes and sperm while transferring between clinics worldwide. Intended parents are being offered up to $50,000 in insurance*, the most coverage ever offered to those transporting reproductive material worldwide.

For the expectant parents, this provides an additional peace of mind, extra protection and a financial safety net during their IVF journey. For fertility clinics, the CryoStork® Insurance product will help them reduce risks and potential liability.

*Insurance coverage is an additional fee and once purchased, all insurance terms and conditions will apply.

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