The Pandemic is Affecting IVF Shipping Over the Holidays: Here’s What You Need to Know  

The Pandemic is Affecting IVF Shipping Over the Holidays: Here’s What You Need to Know  

At CryoStork®, we help thousands of parents move their IVF gametes and embryos to new clinics every year, whether they’re moving across town, across the country, or internationallyWe often issue a notice around the holidays as increased demand for shipping services can affect the ability to move IVF specimens quickly. But this year is quite different due to the pandemic. 

This year, a wave of travel restrictions, a shortage of flights, decreased cargo space available on flights, and a likely increase in online holiday shopping means that shipping temperature-sensitive medical specimens will be more difficult. 

If you do wish to send your IVF gametes or embryos to another clinic before the end of 2020, we highly recommend the following:  

Plan for a longer shipping journey. 

The length of a shipping journey always depends on the distance between locations, but the circumstances of this year mean that packages will spend more time sitting and waiting for the next truck or aeroplane. Make sure your shipping company can guarantee your IVF specimens will be monitored and safe. At CryoStork®, we monitor the conditions and location of the package every five minutes, and our system automatically alerts us of any potential problems so we can intervene. Plus, our specialised shipping containers can safely maintain cryogenic conditions for up to ten days.  

Select a shipping company that offers route flexibility. 

You will want a shipping provider that works to provide your specimens the fastest and safest route their destination. Wpartner with every major shipping company around the world, meaning we can identify the most direct shipping route for each shipment. 

Research insurance options for extra peace of mind 

In the rare event your shipment does not arrive as intended, insurance can provide a financial safety net. Insurance options vary by shipping providerCryoStork® offers two affordable insurance options exclusively for our customers. 

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