The Science Behind The Safest IVF Shipping

The Science Behind The Safest IVF Shipping


At CryoStork, we talk a lot about the “science behind our safe shipping.” But what does that really mean? Here’s a quick breakdown: 

Custom-Built Shippers & Equipment 

CryoStork shippers are custom designed for the safest transportation of the most sensitive medical items/samples. We engineered the shape, security, and durability of every piece of equipment, and we can ensure each shipper’s ability to maintain cryogenic temperatures safely for up to ten days. 

Testing, Testing, Testing 

Before our custom cryogenic shipper is sent to your clinic, it is rigorously tested. This is called the “requalification process” in the shipping industry, and it’s hugely important: if we determine a shipper is faulty in any way, we immediately remove that shipper from our fleet.  

Medical-Grade Cleaning and Disinfection of All Equipment  

Our scientists and engineers created Veri-Clean™a proprietary cleaning and disinfection methodology that is only available in Cryoport facilities. (Cryoport is the parent company of CryoStork.) 

Veri-Clean™ virtually eliminates the risk of contamination for our shippers and stainless-steel accessories. This process reduces external contaminants such as bacteria, viruses and fungi by 99.9999% — a conclusion validated by a third-party laboratory. 

Data, Data, Data 

When we say we’re with you every step of the way, that’s not the whole story — we’re actually monitoring the shipment every five minutes inside the shipper.  

Yes, you read that right! We monitor the internal temperature, location, and any bumps along the way – and our system provides automated alerts if your shipment encounters even the slightest risk. Our staff well-prepared to quickly intervene if necessary. 


You know what they say: Safety is no accident. We take that seriously, and we have the science to prove it. 

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