“We Are Meant to Be Parents” — Three Families on Choosing Embryo Adoption

“We Are Meant to Be Parents” — Three Families on Choosing Embryo Adoption

As IVF becomes more common, so is embryo donation and adoption, in which couples choose to donate extra embryos to those who cannot otherwise conceive. At CryoStork, we assist all kinds of families on their IVF journeys, including many who choose to adopt these “snowflake babies.” Here are three powerful stories we’ve heard from CryoStork clients who used embryo adoption to create their families. 


IVF and our journey to baby was really hard. We went through 3 rounds of IVF and ended up opting for donated embryos. We met an amazing couple in New York and they donated 5 embryos for us to use. We used CryoStork to transport those snowflake babies to Chicago. So far one has become our beautiful son. I continue to share my story to hopefully inspire others. I know other women’s stories help keep me going! 

-Mary U. 

 We struggled with getting answers on why we weren’t getting pregnant and then once we did it was a challenge to decide what direction we would go. Ultimately, we had to give up our dreams of having a biological child and go with embryo adoption. We always wanted a family, and even though this wasn’t what we had in mind, we couldn’t get over how much both of us wanted to have a baby. We both knew that no matter what, this little boy would be ours and nothing would change that.  

It was on the day I gave birth to our beautiful 8lb 13.5oz baby that I fell more in love and more inspired than ever to be the best mother I could be! I saw something change in my husband when he did skin to skin and held him for the first time. It was a dream we always wanted and finally we had our baby boy. It’s been 7 months and we couldn’t be happier. It took us almost eight years to get to this point and we went through A LOT of emotional rollercoasters to get here, but we wouldn’t change our lives for anything else! Thank you CryoStork for keeping our baby safe in transport and giving us this opportunity! 

-Alicia J. 

 If I could offer advice, it would be to never give up hope and to choose a program you feel comfortable with. Sometimes you just have to dive into the unknown and take a chance no matter the outcome. I always told myself that I would try until I failed and that way if I failed, I would be content knowing I tried. Specifically, for egg donor recipients, I would say that just because the baby is not directly related to you, you do not have to worry as the love you will have for your baby is unconditional. I can say this as I have had a child using both an egg donor and my own eggs and the love that I have for them is equal and never ending. Do not give up as fertility treatment can be both exciting and scary while facing the unknown.  

-Samantha T. 


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